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Here at Ambiance Dream Homes, It’s of vital importance that we bring your vision to life and that you love your home. We personalize each Ambiance journey to your schedule and the level of involvement that you desire. We will do our best to understand, then exceed your expectations. Our standards are mountain top high. These are not merely words or a sales pitch, as we care deeply about our families! You will understand this when we meet. 

We employ and contract specialists for every trade. The foundation and the framing will be performed by experts in their given field. We work with cabinet and counter top specialists, tile and flooring specialists, master plumbers and master electricians and Air Conditioning Technicians. Ambiance coordinates the efforts of these experts. We do not employ “jack-of-all-trade” type generalists that work in multiple trades. Our standards of quality and excellence requires specific experience and focus by each trade.  



We take great pride in our variety and open-mindedness. Our experience and research of traditional home styles of architecture and then the transitions into contemporary styles and the harmony between these different styles is what makes Ambiance Dream Homes a special team to work with. We are tireless in our research.

Architecture may change with time, but some homes remain “Classics” and stand the test of time.  -Howard Pitts

These home increase in value regardless of the trends. This is what we want to accomplish… a home that will meet your families every need, at the same time, become an investment. The endless fields of tract homes, the cookie-cutter approach has become boring. Homes should be appealing and varied, each displaying a unique personality.    



Howard Pitts

Born in Dallas, Texas  in 1961, Howard loves life and he loves people. He is passionate about helping others and he appreciates cultural diversity and celebrates people from all walks of life. The Dallas / Fort Worth “Metroplex” region is unique and enjoyable, because people come here from all over the world to build their careers and call Texas their home. 

Integrity is important to Howard. Therefore, keeping his word, having a good reputation and solid relationships are more valuable than revenue to him. He is a servant to God and then to others. As a follower of Jesus Christ, Howard holds strong convictions that putting the needs of others before his own is simply life. So, he strives to serve others with passion and truly loves life. He seeks to live life to the fullest and treats everyone as equal.   

Builder Membership affiliations include: Texas Builders Association, National Home Builders Association, Dallas Builders Association,  and Greater Fort Worth Builders Association, Howard Pitts is a Designer-Builder, General Contractor and Single-family Property Development Expert dedicated to providing excellence. He has extensive experience in foundations and framing systems.  The bones of a home are key to a solid home.

Howard has an architectural degree from Texas State Technical College in Waco, Texas, graduating in 1982 with an emphasis on computer graphics, used specifically to effectively communicate design and construction to those who do not work in the construction industry. Simplifying the communication of complexed elements is one of his greatest strengths.   

Ambiance Dream Homes was created, in 2014, to bring design and construction under one roof. With over three decades of experience in design and construction, he’s built a team that is devoted to families. Through the  use of web-based picture research, 3D modeling, in a virtual construction process, along with the floor plans and other drawings, you will be able to see your dream home being built on the lot, before it is actually built. This technology enables you to see your home come to life on the computer screen. Effective  and continual  communication through the design and construction with families, is a key component to giving you peace of mind during your design/ build process. 

We want to create an enjoyable and memorable journey, overcoming the stereotype of a stressful home construction process. 

Why We are a Design-Build Firm:

I started Ambiance Dream Homes because I designed a couple of homes and I was not satisfied with how the builder treated the family. These builders tried to intimidate and show traits of inflexibility. We strive to offer a more sensitive approach. Let’s face it, your family is probably not in the construction business and are relying and entrusting in a builder to make the journey as enjoyable as possible. Construction is extremely complicated and can be overwhelming when things do go as expected. We understand this and want to be sensitive, we want to consult and befriend you. 

I was also dissatisfied with the poor level of construction quality. There were mistakes that were being glazed over and this was unacceptable. So,  I decided to expand my services from design into construction. I enjoy the old fashioned architect “Master Builder” approach, where the designer is looking at every aspect of home construction, making sure that the design is being built properly. This is a very refreshing approach for families. 

I give you my word that we will take care of your family and celebrate as your dreams come to life, your very own Ambiance!

                                                                                                  Howard Pitts


I am a people person at heart and the family inspires me to deliver excellence. Many houses have been built, however, the family is what makes the home important to me. I understand that your excellence is different from another family and I enjoy exploring your dreams and then helping you build your dream home. The only way that this can happen is to invest a great deal of time into understanding your family. I have studied homes for over forty years. The variations in architectural styles and layout are truly my passion. I enjoy combining various styles and I have a great amount of home foundation, framing structures and land improvement experience as well. This experience allows for comprehensive decisions, based on the fundamentals of construction and the property’s terrain and layout. Using technology and virtual construction software, I am able to show you and your family what your home will actually look like, placing it on the property. These tools allow you (and then the construction team) to visualize what the home will look like, enabling for better decisions and improved coordination. My experience in architectural design, construction, and technology, combined with my passion to understand the unique dreams and visions of each family offers you one of the best combinations of resources available in the home building industry today, specifically in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

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Howard Pitts,
Ambiance Dream Homes

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