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Throw away that

                  cookie cutter!


Let’s be honest… The neighborhoods in our region all look the same. Builders are repeating the same designs over and over and over… You only have a few options, and will cost you.  …Enough!

Good Design does not cost any more than a cookie cutter home. Yes, will pay a more for the land itself. Still, it seems that many builders are focused more on profit than variety and positive impact through architecture. Ok, enough complaining, let’s do something…

We are different:  First, we really listen… “we listen to understand”. We want to find out what your Ambiance looks and feels like, what floor layout you prefer, and what styles you dream about. We ask you… “What is your Ambiance?”

We offer our thirty years of experience and creativity, but we do not press our previous projects into your custom home. We first understand your desires, then we offer suggestions, and together we will create and bring to life your dream home, not ours, yours. Our passion is to find your Ambiance, by taking the time to walk through your dreams, room by room. Does that sound refreshing? We hope so.

As a custom home builder, we want your home to be special. However, this does not mean that it has to be expensive. You can spend a great amount of money, yet still the home can fall short of wonderful. Design is very, very important to us. Design is the difference between two comparably priced homes. Why is one home more desirable than the other? It is the design.

Your custom home will stand out and it will be more desirable than similarly priced homes. We design beautiful homes and we are able to do so with modestly priced materials. We believe that is the essence of a good designer. We spend a great amount of time getting everything just right. Then, when you are ready and the cost is what you were expecting, we move into construction.   

Your home should stand out in the neighborhood. Neighbors will admire your home when they drive by.

Our creative, design ~ build process is to be an enjoyable experience for your family. You should feel comfortable with us. 

We will help you discover new options, interior and exterior finish combinations with award-winning results. That is our promise.

If you already have a design then we will make sure that we understand it before we begin to build it. We are simply design sensitive and this is important and unique from many builders. 

“We will only build beautiful homes!” 

                                     Howard Pitts, Owner


Who We Are

These questions are what Ambiance Dream Homes was founded upon. I believe that a family who decides to build their dream home needs a builder they can trust to walk them through every aspect of their home. 

This may seem odd but I am asking you to “Take a moment… and relax!” and ask yourself…
“What is my Ambiance?”
“When I dream about my home, what architectural styles come to mind?”
“How does the house flow from room to room?”
“Will we entertain or have a more private home?”
When I think about my kitchen and dining spaces, “What visions do I see?” “How will it function, for daily living, then for entertaining?”
“How will my Master Suite be arranged and what style of Master Bathroom do I dream about?”
These are just the beginnings of your family’s questions.
So I ask you, “What is your Ambiance Dream Home?”
“Who can we trust to design, document and build our home? Who will take the time to truly understand our visions?”
“What builder understands the importance of every small detail? Who can make the journey enjoyable and exciting for our family?”


Offering both design and construction services under one management team simplifies the project and protects the family. Many times the family can be caught between the home designer and the builder when they are not under the same corporate structure and increases in cost usually occur when the builder finds that certain information is missing in the drawings and/or specifications. Why should the family be responsible for these omissions? However, a missing component is going to be an increase in cost. This is how the construction industry works as the builder cannot afford to absorb the cost and the Designer claims that the builder knew that these components were required. Let the finger pointing begin. Designers vs. Builders. Please, do your research.

Ambiance Dream Homes eliminate these conflicts, by offering the family 

“A Single Source Designer-Builder Solution!”

We would like to meet you!

Ambiance Dream Homes

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